Career FAQs

Does ENJO require me to hold stock?
No. There is no requirement to hold stock , but you can choose to keep products on hand at your discretion.

Are there any warranties on the products?
Yes. There is a 2 year warranty on all fibres and all tools against faulty workmanship. In practice, fibres last 2-3 years and tools last for many years.

Are there any “new ENJOpreneur” incentives to boost start my business?
Yes. ENJO has a unique “strong start” program that is designed to support new ENJOpreneurs and maximise your chances of success.

What other “career” opportunities are offered?
ENJO has a unique and proven Leader structure. You start with a desire and a goal and only you define how far you will go with ENJO. By building your team, you will recieve generous bonuses.Your role and responsiblity is to coach and support your team to success. You can grow a business and a team as big as you can dream.

What types of training are available to new ENJOpreneurs?
ENJO offers a comprehensive training program and a support structure that is designed to help new starters. ENJO training is thorough and ongoing. We supply information education and motivation.

What is the average total time it takes per Demo?
The demo itself takes approximately 1.5 hours. We advise that at most you should budget for approximately 3 hours per Demo. This includes Host coaching made before the Demo, demo time, minimal paperwork, and customer service. As you become more experienced, this time will decrease.

What is the Host Gift Programme and who pays for the host benefits?
The Host Gift Program is a means by which the Host will receive free or discounted ENJO products in return for opening her/his house to family and friends. It is an extremely generous program and enables the Host to significantly reduce the cost of implementing ENJO in their homes. 

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