How to Buy FAQs

FAQ’s on Hosting

Can I buy ENJO products in the supermarket?
No, ENJO fibres are only available by direct selling. To service our customers who no longer have an ENJOpreneur or customers who live in an area where we don't have a team yet, please call our office at 905 629 4888 and we will be able to help you.

Why are the ENJO fibres only available by direct selling?
The ENJO Canada Team does not like empty promises. Our Customers should be able to test ENJO on their own dirt and be convinced of the positive impact of cleaning with ENJO, with their own eyes. ENJO is easy to use and hard to believe. So we want you to see for yourself and make an educated choice to use ENJO in your home. A demo provides training on how to use and get the most out of the fibres as well. You will have them around your home for years to come.

Is there any obligation to buy for hosts or guests at an ENJO Demo?
There is never any obligation to buy at an ENJO demo. At the demo you will see how easy and safe ENJO cleaning is. We also encourage our guests to host their own demo. This way they can also get their own ENJO products at a discounted price. Even better they can start an ENJO business and get their products in the ENJO Business Kit!

Is the demo for women only?
NO! In today’s busy lives of families, women are not doing all the cleaning and caring for the home. We offer home demonstrations to couples, men and outdoor demonstrations in the summer weather. Men and women both know, to get the job done, you need the right tools. To clean 6 times more effectively than chemical cleaning, you need ENJO!

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