Seeing is believing

Can you imagine using only a few drops of cold water and an ENJO fibre to clean a greasy kitchen surface?

It sounds impossible! After years of using traditional methods, most people find it hard to believe that ENJO and cold water will actually work. A Demo gives you and your guests the perfect opportunity to see the fibres in action.


We believe you need to see ENJO products work in your own home. By showing you the products in the comfort of your own home, you can truly understand their benefits and learn more about what ENJO can do for YOU. Our ENJO pride comes from having truly dedicated ENJOpreneurs. They offer the opportunities, specials and deals. If you do not have your own ENJOpreneur drop us a note and we will connect you. 


Social & informative

ENJO Demos are more than shopping with your friends and family – they are fun and fully interactive. Your demo will be conducted by a trained ENJOpreneur, it is shopping made easy. No parking lot headaches, no rushing around, no stress. Take your time to learn about a life changing product - ENJO.

Participate in ENJO's amazing host program

When you host a Demo you are entitled to participate in ENJO's generous host reward program.  Your personal ENJO Consultant is looking forward to telling you about our special offers for hosts.

Try before you buy

Years of experience have taught us that there is no better way to see ENJO than to see it working in your own home. Actually using the fibres and being personally instructed will give you complete confidence in the products.



100% satisfaction


Once you know how to use ENJO, you will never go down the chemical aisle again! To support your decision to try ENJO, we offer you a 30 day money back guarantee if you try ENJO and for any reason are not satisfied with your purchase. No questions asked.

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