Lynn Grushka

Team Leader, Telephone Number: 519-433-2505, Mobile phone number: 519-859-2508

YES…cleaning can be fun.

Especially when it’s faster, easier, and non toxic to your environment!

In fact, ENJO’s revolutionary fibre technology cleans pore-deep to give you 6 times better results than cleaning with store-bought chemicals that leave behind toxic residues and fumes.

Let’s face it, you have to clean – or you have to hire someone to clean or somehow entice your kids to do it. And when the job’s done, you want to make sure it’s really clean!

With four young children, I’m always on the go and don’t have extra time to spare. I clean my entire home, including the bathroom, with only ENJO and a little water in less than half the time it used to take. Plus, I’m saving approximately $1000 every two to three years and I know my house is cleaner than ever. I’m especially happy knowing that my children will grow up without being exposed to toxic chemicals at home and it makes me proud that we’re doing our part to save the planet.

I believe there’s an ENJO product for any job and when customers have a cleaning challenge I find an ENJO solution. I constantly challenge our products to see how far they’ll go…and I impress my customers in the process.

See for yourself the amazing power of ENJO. Contact me to book a demo and I’ll show you how ENJO will save you time, money, the environment…and your family’s health.

Lynn Grushka

P.S. I said you often have to entice kids to clean. Not with ENJO because it makes the job fun. Give them an ENJO glove and drying cloth along with a spray bottle filled with water and they’ll safely tackle anything you ask them to clean.

What does clean mean to you?
What does clean mean to you?

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