Welcome at ENJO GmbH

“When we travel, we never come back the way we left.”

It’s time for something new! I am excited to introduce you to the Changemaker Summit where we will embark on an exciting journey together.

The Changemaker Summit will not just be an event, but a turning point for our global ENJO team. Let’s use this opportunity to connect, grow and achieve our goals.

Look forward to inspiring talks, interactive workshops and exciting team activities. Together we will push the boundaries of what is possible and emerge as a stronger team.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Changemaker Summit and having an unforgettable experience together.

Let’s start something new and create great things together.

Walter & Team


Why Changemaker Summit

A “changemaker” is someone who actively wants to bring about change in the world.

Changemakers can be individuals, groups, organisations or even companies who are committed to social and environmental change.

A changemaker wants to shape a better future, actively works to change their own behaviour and habits to have a positive impact on the environment and be a role model for others.

What would be more fitting for us if ENJO Partners came together for a “summit meeting”?

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs

Welcome to


08th – 14th February 2025

Club Med Bali


Together with you we would like to spend wonderful experiences in Bali. A place for body, mind and soul. It will be a mixture of activity, team spirit and free time for you to recharge your batteries. Together we want to develop a new, fresh WE feeling and really enjoy ourselves.

For a world that we can make a little more beautiful every day.

Will you be there?


How to get there?

Qualification will soon be announced by your Distributor.

Let’s strengthen our ENJO community and our relationship together in a spiritual place.

Let’s learn, live and inspire each other. Let’s make this happen!

Let’s experience a time together where anything is possible. A time that unites us, makes us bigger and stronger. A time, that will makes our eyes sparkle.


Our personal recommendation to get into the right “Bali – Island of the Gods” mood:

Eat, Pray, Love
Movie from 2010 based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert

We look forward to spending ”together time” with YOU!

The next few months focus on what really matters.
Do what you need to do, to be where you want to be.

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