Are you READY to start your ENJO WOW!

We are really excited that you will be trying ENJO for the first time. We call it the Great Canadian ENJO WOW because people really do say, “WOW” when they first try ENJO. Actually, they keep saying WOW for years to come.

It is hard to believe this little fibre can clean pore-deep, 6 times more effective than other traditional products. That in itself is a WOW! Let’s also not forget about the impact using ENJO can have on the environment and our health and well being. ENJO is hard to believe but easy to use. But just to make sure you feel ready and confident in using your ENJO, we have a few videos to show you how to use your ENJO Freebies.

Of course, if you have any questions you can reach out to us, 1 866 489 0608 or You can also check out our social media sites for more info!

Our goal is that you are amazed by what this little fibre can do!

What ENJO Fibre are you taking for a test run?

Kitchen Duocloth and ENJOfil

Take it for a spin with a greasy pan!

Bathroom Duocloth and ENJOfil

Our double-sided fibre for pore deep cleaning!

ENJO Eye Pads

This product will change how you clean your skin!