The event of the year

> Once a year, go some place you've never been before. < Dalai Lama


Johannes Engl's personal invitation to the annual ENJO Synergy Meeting shows how important it is for him to maintain a good working atmosphere within the worldwide ENJO family.


As an ENJOpreneur, you have the possibility, apart from working in your dream job anyway, to visit the most beautiful places of the world. And if you do not manage to qualify in the first year, you still have the chance to contribute in the ENJO national Festival in your country. 

ENJO Hall of Fame

The Friedrich Engl Award is awarded to a person who has achieved something extraordinary for ENJO all over the world and who has considerably helped that we feel comfortable in the ENJO family in order to be able to do a great job.


2017 Trish Ronan, Canada 

2016 Herta Hartner, Austria East

2015 Brit Dorris Tveranger, Norway

2014 Mayvor Karlsson, Sweden
2013 Jeannette Crawford, Australia
2012 Birgith Zack-Baumann, Austria East
2011 Gabriela Domaingo, Austria West
2010 Per Ø Lohne, Norway
2009 Anne Mai Neumann, Norway
2008 Rudi Gussnig, Vorarlberg
2007 Terje Scheen, Norway
2006 Helena Zechner, Austria West
2005 Barbara de Corti, Australia
2005 Hans de Corti, Australia
2004 Walter Grießer, Austria West
2003 Joan Wragge, Australia
2002 Dagmar Engl, Vorarlberg
2001 Nora Vatnamot, Norway

ENJO Distributor of the Year

The award "Distributor of the Year" is handed to Distributors who are carrying our philosophy into the world in a special way. With their mode of operation and attitude the winners support their team untiringly and to a large extent contribute to the success of ENJO.


2016 ENJO France 

2015 ENJO Austria West

2014 ENJO United Kingdom

2013 ENJO Austria West
2012 ENJO United Kingdom
2011 ENJO International
2010 ENJO Austria East
2009 ENJO Austria West
2008 ENJO Canada
2007 ENJO Canada
2006 ENJO Austria West
2005 ENJO Norway
2004 ENJO Norway
2003 ENJO Australia
2002 ENJO Australia
2001 ENJO Australia
2000 ENJO Australia

Top 10 ENJOpreneurs 2016

1. Marissa McLoughlin, Australia

2. Fiona Edwards, Australia

3. Jeannette Crawford, Australia

4. Margit Penzenauer, Austria East

5. Maria Scheiber, Austria East

6. Sandra Wasshuber, Austria West

7. Ines Klug, Austria West

8. Ingrid Spitzer, Austria West

9. Ida Gibellini, Australia

10. Joanna Hart, United Kingdom

Top 10 Recruiters 2016

1. Marissa McLoughlin, Australia

2. Jennifer Todd, Canada

3. Joanna Hart, United Kingdom

4. Claudia Taylor, Austria West

5. Maria Scheiber, Austria East

6. Leah Howells, Australia

7. Karen Kelly, Australia

8. Elke Pointner, Austria East

9. Nicolette Stubbe, Canada

10. Anne Naylor, Australia

Top 5 Team Builder "Team Leaders" 2016

1. Maria Scheiber, Austria East

2. Eva Wolf, Austria East

3. Elke Pointner, Austria East

4. Kim Foote, Australia

5. Claudia Taylor, Austria West 

Top 5 Team Builder "Business Leaders" 2016

1. Marissa McLoughlin, Australia

2. Gladys Eunson, United Kingdom

3. Natalie Canoglu, Canada

4. Karen Wright, Australia

5. Jennifer Todd, Canada

Top Team Leader 2016

Helene Zechner, Austria West

Top Business Leader 2016

Marissa McLoughlin, Australia

Top 3 Distributors 2016

1. ENJO Australia

2. ENJO Austria West

3. ENJO Austria East

Top 66 ENJOpreneurs 2016

1. Fiona Edwards, Australia

2. Margit Penzenauer, Austria East

3. Sandra Wasshuber, Austria West

4. Deanne Wallace, Australia

5. Joanna Hart, United Kingdom

6. Marissa McLoughlin, Australia

7. Rosina Zink, Austria West

8. Maria Scheiber, Austria East

9. Christin Solberg, Norway

10. Jeannette Crawford, Australia

11. Lynn Grushka, Canada 

12. Johanna Tiefenbacher, Austria East

13. Tone Iren Helgesen, Norway

14. Anne Naylor, Australia

15. Brit Dorris Tveranger, Norway

16. Elisabeth Stöller, Austria West

17. Miriam Frier, United Kingdom

18. Ingrid Spitzer, Austria West

19. Ines Klug, Austria West

20. Marika Glanzer, Austria West

21. Joanne Reeder, New Zealand

22. Leanne Jones, Australia

23. Annie Johnson, Australia

24. Liv Ingunn Immerstein, Norway

25. Anne Mai Neumann, Norway

26. Kim Foote, Australia

27. Dolores Egger, Austria Vorarlberg

28. Ida Gibellini, Australia

29. Hiroko Tanaka, Japan

30. Megan Watene, New Zealand

31. Gabriele Rieder, Austria East

32. Anita Beer, Austria West

33. Sue Inch, Australia

34. Sonja Singer, Austria West

35. Dagmar Meltschok, Austria West

36. Gisela Dersch, Austria East

37. Monika Hörschläger, Austria West

38. Silke Jungbauer, Austria West

39. Elaine Drakeford, United Kingdom

40. Evelyn Bubestinger, Austria West

41. Helene Zechner, Austria West

42. Lucie Frouin, France

43. Leah Howells, Australia

44. Darleen Eitler, Australia

45. Rhonda Barry, Australia

46. Andrea Mohr, Austria West

47. Tammy Knight, Australia

48. Annette Short, Australia

49. Audrey Park, United Kingdom

50. Meika Bird, Australia

51. Gabriele Fasching, Austria East

52. Alexandra Kraus, Austria East

53. Gunn Sissel Blom Welle, Norway

54. Deanne Roumeliotis, Australia

55. Wenche Kasbergsen, Norway

56. Laurie Convay, Canada

57. Gabriela Domaingo, Austria West

58. Margarete Kopf, Austria East

59. Angela Gföllner, Austria West

60. Michaela Michl, Austria East 

61. Christine Linhardt, Austria East

62. Victoria Brandimarti, Australia

63. Christina Konetschnik, Austria West

64. Christa Reischer, Austria East

65. Elke Pointner, Austria East

66. Judy Bizier, Canada

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